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Frequently Asked Questions for Merchant Cash Advances

July 10, 2015 12:58 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Merchant cash advance or MCA is the new buzzword or phrase in the world of business funding and financing. Many businesses have heard praises of this form of funding from their counterparts, and cannot stop thinking about this method and just how it can benefit them. A merchant cash advance is a great way for businesses with a poor credit history to get their preferred loans at flexible rates.

This is a great chance for businesses who messed up their credit score once to clean their slate and head into the world of funding without letting their credit score screw up their chances.

However, the one concern businesses have regarding merchant cash advances is that these sound too good to be true. Not only do they allow businesses with poor credit scores to get a loan, but offer a flexible repayment period without any stringent monthly or periodic payments required. This model of funding is too good to be true, and most businesses have heaps of questions to ask about its authenticity.

Businesses that have availed a merchant cash advance or a small business loan from us would be able to tell just how the praises going around in the masses, related to merchant cash advances are as true as they possibly could be.

Regardless of how the doubts people have are based on flawed perceptions, we are here to answer questions and would answer a few of the frequent questions that business owners have in their mind before going for a merchant cash advance.

Is MCA a Loan?

The first question businesses have is whether MCA actually a loan or something else? A merchant cash advance is basically not a loan, but an advance that is handed out to businesses during their times of need. With a small business loan, lenders want you to pay fixed amounts every month with due interest payments. The longer you take to pay back the loan, the higher would be your interest.

With merchant cash advances you just have to pay a fixed percentage of your sales to the merchant, as your sales are realized with time.

How Can I Qualify?

The qualification procedure for a merchant cash advance is extremely easy and does not require stringent checks. You can qualify by showing your financial statements and by assuring the lender that you have the revenues coming in to pay back the advance.

Can I Get a MCA and a Small Business Loan Together?

Yes you can get both of them together from us. Any advance that you request for would be calculated on a case by case basis. If you are considered eligible for the advance, it will be granted to you, without checking whether you have gone for other loan options.

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