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Your Guide to Small Business Loans Online

March 5, 2016 3:31 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Running a small business is quite a responsibility. Not only do you have to make sure that the business is surviving in this ultra competitive market of today, but you also have to make sure that your business is experiencing consistent growth with time as well. Both survival and growth should be ensured at the same time, so that the results come your way in the manner that you want.

The online world has made a lot of things including external funding easier for you. Small business loans are now being offered by private lenders online, and they help offer a world of convenience.  

The Process

The application process for applying for a small business loan with an online retailer is almost the same as other lenders, with the only difference being that is comparatively quicker. You can get your hands on a small business loan quickly if you apply through an online lender, rather than going for a bank.

Banks happen to take a lot more time in the application process, because they have many legal formalities in place. If you get your small business loan from an online retailer you can be assured of faster proceedings.

Online lenders realize that you must be going through a crisis of your own, which might have prompted you towards exploring this option. This is why they hurry the process up as much as possible to get you the loaned amount.

You can also get your request for a small business loan with an online lender approved, even if you have a bad credit scores. Online lenders are all about assisting businesses with poor credit scores, which is why you can count on them for help in a hour of need. However, they will charge you a higher interest rate for the help they provide you with your interest rate.

Once you submit your application for review, you can be assured of receiving your requested amount in a period of 72 working hours. The processes are quick and smooth.


Obviously, there are certain requirements that every online lender has. These requirements can vary from lender to lender, but we believe that they include the following points in detail:

  • The business should have operations for a period of at least 1 or 2 years.
  • The client requesting for the loan should be earning decent revenue. Most lenders require minimum revenue of more than $5,000 a month. Since this isn’t an extensive requirement, most clients are able to meet it.
  • While lenders are relaxed on credit scores, they still have a minimum credit score bar that should be met.

These requirements are quite relaxed and will help you secure the funding you are looking for.

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