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    Barter Funding

    Small Business Barter Funding as low as 0.9%.  The best part? You pay back the funding with your own goods and services!  Keep your money. 

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    ” I received a funding from BarterPay and used it to pay for over $20k in engineering services for my construction permit.  Now, I’m paying off the funding with gift cards to my restaurant every month instead of having to cut a cheque.-Harrison Hennick, Nique Restaurant, Hamilton ON

    Up to 5000 funding will be approved in 2020.  Click the apply button to apply online.

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    Wouldn’t it be great to get the things you need without using money?

    How does BarterPay work?

    STEP 1 


    We know that cash is still king and you can’t run your business on barter.  At the same time, barter value, at your full rate, is better than expiring time and space that has zero value.  If you have any capacity whatsoever (unsold time or space), this is for you!

    STEP 2


    Watch a live webinar where BarterPay Founder & CEO, John Porter, will explain how it works and to see if your business is a good fit.  Like any community, we want to make sure you align with the core values of our ecosystem.

    STEP 3 


    Open your account and meet your personal broker!  They will market your services to other members and bring you new business right away. Then, they’ll help you get the things you need and keep your hard-earned cash in the bank.

    Organized Barter Explained…

    Check out this video!

    BarterPay founder & CEO, John Porter, explains why expiring time has no value and how barter can help(everyone loves a good rant!)

    • ​As a service business, barter your DOWNTIME AND SLOWER PERIODS to BRAND-NEW customers!
    • ​Remember, if you’re a hotel, a golf course, a landscaper, a barber, a dentist….whatever service you offer, you know that when one hour, or one day goes by, it’s gone forever.  You can’t get that value back!
    • Get what you need by bartering your extra, unsold time, and keep your hard-earned CASH IN THE BANK!

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    For Immediate Release:  February 4, 2020 – Toronto, Ontario

    Ontario Chamber of Commerce Issues Press Release Announcing Provincial Partnership With BarterPay 


    We Can Design A Funding Program For Your Small Or Medium Size Business.

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    Happy BarterPay users 

    “Being a member of BarterPay has been so beneficial, both to myself and to my business.  I feel like I have a whole new network of people available to me and that we are all able to help each other. It feels like a community.”

    Jenn Galloway

    A Day In The Life Photography

    “BarterPay has enabled me to establish new relationships both personally and in my business. It has created a business network that has increased my sales and referrals.”

    Dan Swiaty

    Minuteman Press

    “By becoming a member of BarterPay I have expanded my community of professionals in the Kitchener-Waterloo area which has allowed my business to have increased exposure! I am looking forward to meeting more members of this awesome community!

    Heather Ternan


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    Its best to explore all financing options, contact SharpShooter Funding® to find out what funding your business qualifies for.

    Our Canadian Funding Programs Include:

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