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    The Town of Newmarket is located in York Region and is home to over 85,000 residents. Newmarket has consistently been named one of the Best Places to Live in Canada by MoneySense Magazine and has garnered an international reputation for being one of the country’s most dynamic, diverse and desirable towns to live and work in. Newmarket is also widely considered a progressive place with a reputation for innovation, particularly in its environmental projects.

    Newmarket is located between the bustling City of Toronto and picturesque cottage country – allowing it to retain small town charm while providing big city amenities such as premium health care facilities (Southlake Regional Health Centre), upscale shopping and retail (Upper Canada Mall and unique shops around Town) and advanced transit networks (vivaNext rapid transit system).

    Its proximity to 400 series highways, sprawling parks and trails and affordable housing makes Newmarket an ideal location for young families and professionals alike.

    Additionally, the Town has extensive recreation and culture programs, public art initiatives and heritage and history preservation projects (including our Historic Downtown Main Street and the Elman W. Campbell Museum) for residents and tourists.

    Small business owners usually struggle with expansion plans against meager cash flows. That’s why SharpShooter Funding® is a critical part of small business development in Newmarket. Get Pre-approved in minutes for small business funding in Newmarket.

    Apply online or contact us so we can expedite your request. We are your Newmarket Business Funding source. Apply today for business funding in Newmarket.

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    Get Funding for Your Small Business in Newmarket and Aurora

    Small businesses span a diverse array of industries and provide consumers with a wide range of goods and services. However, all of these small businesses — in Newmarket, Aurora, and right across Canada — have one thing in common. They all need funding to survive.

    But where does this funding come from? In an ideal world, a business’s profits would be enough to provide all the capital required for success. But this is a vicious circle. Profits cannot come without initial funding, and businesses that cannot get off the ground cannot achieve the profits they need to thrive.

    This is where funding providers like SharpShooter come in. These providers offer viable alternatives to traditional funding channels — channels that may not be equipped to provide what small businesses in Newmarket and Aurora need.

    But what does it mean to provide alternative funding? For the team at SharpShooter, providing an alternative means the following…

    • Treating you and your business with the respect you deserve and getting to know your needs and the nuances of your organization
    • Providing you with a range of options designed to offer the flexibility and agility your business needs in order to succeed
    • Eliminating the anxiety and stress of waiting by delivering you a decision on your application within 48 hours in most cases
    • Helping more businesses gain funding — we approve over 75% of applications, including those with bad credit
    • Reducing the hassle of seeking funding by making the application process as quick and as easy as possible

    We know it’s not always easy to achieve funding for your small business in Newmarket and Aurora. This is why SharpShooter does things differently. Apply today using our online form or read on to learn more about what we are all about. You can also reach out to our team at any time with any questions or queries.

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    Making All the Difference for Businesses Seeking Funding in Newmarket and Aurora

    While Toronto looms large in the economic landscape of Ontario, the cities of Newmarket and Aurora boost strong economies and business environments in their own right. These population centers are critical to the ongoing growth of the Greater Toronto Area, as well as that of Ontario and even Canada as a whole.

    Newmarket, for example, has typically tracked well above the Ontario average for income and earnings, while the percentage of low-income individuals is well below that of the rest of the province. This is indicative of a region in good fiscal health, and of a great location in which to do business. To those already doing business in Newmarket, this comes as no surprise and makes the area more attractive to outside investors.

    Aurora, meanwhile, is a little smaller than its more populous neighbor, with around 55,000 people calling the town home. Despite this, the town retains a positive environment for business, helped in no small part by the tireless work of the local Chamber of Commerce, which strives to support local business and investment.

    Of course, both Newmarket and Aurora are great places to start a wide variety of businesses. But this does not mean that business here is not without its challenges. Like anywhere across Ontario and across Canada as a whole, there are obstacles to be overcome and expenses that must be met. This is where SharpShooter comes in.

    We are proud to be able to connect local Ontario businesses with the funding that can really push them to the next level. In doing so, we are able to support the local economy in Newmarket and Aurora, and to do our bit for Ontario society.

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    Giving Business Owners in Newmarket and Aurora the Freedom They Need

    Freedom and flexibility are important. This is why we place no restrictions upon the way our clients use their funding. Yes, we do offer specific funding products designed for specific purposes. But, in more cases, the way you use the capital you receive is up to you.

    Here are just a few of the ways you might choose to utilize the funding you receive for your Newmarket or Aurora business:

    • Carry out much-needed upgrades on your premises.

    Your business needs to be supported by its premises. If your infrastructure is out of date, it is going to be difficult to achieve what you want with your organization. Funding eliminates this concern.

    • Build a vibrant and effective team.

    You need the best personnel to represent your company, and you need teams that are large enough to meet your needs. Invest in your personnel with the right funding.

    • Take advantage of the latest opportunities in the market.

    Special offers from suppliers, a gap in the market just waiting to be filled — these are just some of the opportunities that you and your business need to be taking advantage of. Get the funding you need without delay so you can get the jump on your competitors.

    • Gain liquidity and working capital.

    Your business needs good cash flow if it is to run successfully on a day-to-day level. Even businesses with state-of-the-art facilities and industry-leading inventory can get into trouble if they do not have the right levels of working capital. SharpShooter can assist with this.

    Remember, these are just a few examples to get you inspired. What you decide to do is up to you.

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    Applying for Small Business Funding in Newmarket and Aurora

    So, how exactly do you go about applying for this funding? Well, the process is simple.

    • Decide what you want to achieve with this funding, and how much funding you may need to make this happen.
    • Apply online with our easy-to-use form.
    • Get a response, usually within only a couple of days.
    • Work with our specialists to find a funding product that suits you and your purposes.
    • Gain the funding, generally within a few days of your application.

    This is all you need to do to connect with funding for your Ontario business. Get started today or reach out to our team with any questions or queries.

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