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Acquiring the Funding You Need — the Way That Suits You

Sometimes you need to see the bigger picture. Getting caught up in the day to day running’s of your organization, and getting distracted by things that, on balance, do not mean much in the long run, is natural. But you need to be disciplined, and you need to make sure that your scope is wider than this.

We aim to help Canadian businesses do just that. We recognize how difficult it can be for small to medium sized businesses in Canada to receive the funding products and packages they really need to grow in the long term.

This is why we decided to offer our unique products — long term funding packages based specifically on the needs of our clients. Whatever you need, and whatever terms best suit you, get in touch. It all begins with an application.

Why Connect with SharpShooter’s Long-Term Funding Packages?

All businesses need capital to handle day to day transactions and other expenses. However, this working capital is usually rather low level and can only provide support for short term needs. 

For something more long term, businesses need to set their sights higher, and aim to secure appropriate funding.

So, why do businesses come to SharpShooter for their long-term funding needs? Well, this could be due to one or more of any number of reasons. Some of the top reasons include the following;

  1. Growing your business
  2. Purchasing inventory on a large scale, particularly items with long term value but which might be slow sellers
  3. Acquiring new equipment, often with a higher price tag
  4. Taking on new staff
  5. Putting in winning bids for contracts
  6. Upping your marketing endeavors to bring in more business

Remember that these are just some of the common reasons for seeking out a long-term funding package. Your own reasons for taking this option may be different. 

No one knows Canadian businesses like we do, so let us make sure you are on the right track to success. Get in touch with our expert team and let us help you find the ideal product for you.

How Does Long Term Funding from SharpShooter Work?

Connecting with long term funding from SharpShooter may be easier than you had initially considered. There is a quick application process online, and then a consultation with one of our specialist team members.

Provided you are a Canadian business owner, you can dive right into the process. The whole thing is easy, and we accomplish the results you need in three simple steps.

#1 Spend 100 Seconds Completing Your Application Online

#2 Let Out Credit Team Evaluate Your Application for Funding

#3  Accept Our Funding Offer and Wait for Funds to Be Transferred

Why Do Clients Love SharpShooter’s Long-Term Funding Packages?

  • We work with businesses to achieve the results they need, understanding their requirements and crafting the right strategy
  • There are no surprises when you work with us. We are completely transparent with all of the data
  • We are geared towards positive economic opportunities, and we want to give you the funding you need to achieve this
  • We have a long and proven track record of doing great things for clients
  • Our terms are flexible, so you and your business can achieve repayments in a way that suits you
  • We are experts in the Canadian market, so we work to provide real solutions in your field
  • We believe in hassle free application processes, and this is exactly what we deliver to our clients

Ready to begin?

Hit the button below to apply or get in touch with our experts if you have any questions or queries.