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Expert Processing Options for Your Canadian Business

At SharpShooter we are proud to support businesses by providing them with what they need to optimize and solidify their revenue streams. Whether this involves the cash flow required for growth, or another solution.

One of the key elements of this is our set of processing solutions. These solutions enable you to take payments and process transactions wherever you are. Don’t wait for cheques to clear or for other terms to be reached — get the money you need to run your business without delay.

Take a look at the different processing options we offer.

Standard SharpShooter System

This is the best priced system for businesses. Multiple connection options provide Canadian businesses with a reliable processing option for environments with low numbers of transactions, and where wireless is not required.

Deluxe SharpShooter System

Add extra features to your system with the Deluxe SharpShooter model. NFC payments are supported, and the system can handle a higher level of transaction traffic. Not wireless.

SharpShooter Bluetooth Terminal

Basically, the deluxe model of our SharpShooter terminal, but with Bluetooth technology incorporated. This means that the model supports wireless flexibility, and it can still handle a high level of transaction traffic.

SharpShooter Long Range Wireless Terminal

For additional flexibility, choose SharpShooter Long Range. This gives you the high traffic capabilities of the deluxe model, the wireless capabilities of the SharpShooter model, as well as all the basics. But it also enhances these functions by increasing the range of the wireless. 

This is perfect if you need to spread transactions over a number of locations, or if you simply need better coverage from your terminal.

Online SharpShooter Processing

We live in the digital age, and you have already embraced all that the online environment has to offer. It makes sense, then, that you would want to use this technology to increase your business capability when it comes to processing payments. 

The Online SharpShooter Processing solution enables you to do this with ease. And it gives you everything you need to maximize your revenue streams.

Want to learn more about the payment processing options we offer to our clients? How about gaining a deeper insight into the different funding options we offer to Canada’s diverse array of small to medium sized businesses? Whatever you need, get in touch. Our experts work with you to craft the ideal solution for your organization.

If you are already ready and waiting to get started, simply hit the button below to begin your application.