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Sole Proprietorship Business Funded by SharpShooter Funding

I have added to my company a new staff and several vehicles with a lot of equipment. I did not do enough of my invoicing and billing last year so I was in a cash crunch for the Holiday in case for parts in a emergency. Everything we have is paid for and yet my bank would take a few weeks for an approval for a loan. So I went to for an offer of $19,000 by a private lender. But I need to get to my accountant to give last two years. I am a sole proprietorship. So even though I gross over $720,000 a year I show earnings of only $68,000. That is the only figure they will use. At 38 years of age am not going to call my mother for it. But in just 24 hours SharpShooter Funding® had approved my business for $39,000 and wired to my account. I am very satisfied and would recommend to any business in Canada. Please note I have over 10 vehicles and $400,000 in assets. And over $120,000 in equity. It all means nothing to a bank. Only worth the $68,000 as I operate as a Sole Proprietorship.

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