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Commercial Business Funding: What Options are Open to You?

Despite what you may have been told, or what you might have witnessed for yourself, commercial funding is in fact readily available.

Here in Canada, small businesses are critical to the economy. We know this, you know this, lenders know this, and the government knows this. As such, even in leaner times, there is another cash to go around to provide enough funding for the commercial ventures who really need it.

The problem is, not everyone is able to access this funding. Even if their business is a sound one, and their ideas are shrewd and innovative, organizations may find themselves turned away from funding for a variety of reasons.

But you do have options — viable options that can really change the game.

One such option is SharpShooter funding. We provide commercial funding packages without the need for collateral or a proven business track record. Instead, we work with you and your organization to assess your future transaction receipt values and base your funding plan on this.

This means, no delay, no anxiety, no wasted time, and no crippling or rigid repayment plans. Just good, honest funding for your business.

An Antidote to the Challenges of Traditional Funding

In Canada, organizations such as the Small Business Administration — or SBA — work to connect businesses with the funding they need. The idea of a body like the SBA is to make it possible for businesses of all kinds to acquire funding — possible, but not necessarily easy.

One of the key challenges of working with the SBA has always been the repayment terms. These are rigid, inflexible, and can end up causing serious problems for a business if they encounter a lean period. 

This is compounded by the hoop’s businesses must jump through to acquire this funding in the first place. To put it simply, businesses without the requisite track record to draw upon, or without hefty collateral, will struggle.

The SBA are not the only funding providers on the market, nor are they the only body presenting such challenges. The landscape is a difficult one for businesses.

Fortunately, SharpShooter does things differently. Our set up is designed in such a way that we are an antidote to these challenges. This delivers a smarter, more straightforward route towards funding.

Why You Need Commercial Funding

All businesses are different, with different aims and objectives. We recognize that, and it reflects in the way that we do business. We work with you to get to know what you need. However, there are a number of common factors that drive clients to explore this option. Let’s take a look;

  • Taking advantage of discounted inventory
  • Expanding the business
  • Refurbishing business premises, or buying new property
  • Taking on new staff
  • Clearing major debts that have restricted business in the past
  • Pushing research and development on new products
  • Stepping up marketing and advertising
  • Acquiring key assets that will put your business ahead of competitors

Whatever your needs, we work with you. We may even be able to offer another avenue for you to explore, if we find that a  particular commercial funding product is unsuitable for whatever reason. The aim is always to connect you with the products and services that help your business hit its full potential.

To get started with an application, hit the button below and follow our quick and easy application process. If you would like to learn more before you begin, get in touch with a member of our team today.