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Terrifically easy and simple process

Great customer service made the process so easy, banks should learn something from these guys

Melisa M.

Easy, great For Small Business owners.

As a business owner, I pay my bills on time- I keep a balance in my account, Yet My bank will not give me a Small Business loan? SharpShooter Funding, made this process simple and easy.
Thank YOU SharpShooter Funding!

Catherina D.

Great service

Quick, straightforward, and very simple. Plus a great rate.

Jesus K.

Easy process – Paul Pitcher made funding simple and efficient!

The process of getting the money is easy. Application is easy and funds are delivered fast. Paul Pitcher was great to work with within SharpShooter Funding.

Loma A.

Great Business experience

SharpShooter Funding couldn’t have been any more professional or helpful for my firm to obtain a business loan, when the banks ran the other way, SharpShooter Funding worked and listened to our needs I can’t say enough but thank you.

Toni G.

Great Service!

It was a very quick and easy process. I was blown away with the customer service. I highly recommend SharpShooter Funding for business capitol needs.

Leann O.

Very easy process – done in less than 10 minutes

The process was easy – just filled out a little information, connected to my bank, and it was done. One suggestion would be a little more information on the loan fees during the application process, and, when approved, what the loan fees will be.

Laila B.

Short & Sweet

SharpShooter Funding has a short and sweet process for getting money for your business. The terms are fair. I love how all of it works!

Kyong A.

Is this real life?

I have never taken a loan that was so hassle-free, it seemed like it was a scam until the money actually came through! This will be my favorite loan to be paying back as my company needed the funds ASAP & which we now have an aeronautic grant thanks to the prototype we were able to quickly fund/build.

Jenae W.

What a great service

I found the application process to be extremely easy and user friendly. I was approved instantly for a fair amount. I borrowed half of what I was approved for, I needed it for a short-term payroll loan. I paid it off within the month with only a small service charge. Thanks again for providing such a great service for small businesses.

Darla D.

Well Done!!!

SharpShooter Funding was easy and fast. I would highly recommend SharpShooter Funding to other business owners!!

Armand V.


After shopping around – a friend recommended me to SharpShooter Funding.
From opening the site to money in my bank was less than an hour.
Almost to easy – THANK YOU … SharpShooter Funding

Marguerita W.


Fast, effective and straight to the point. I just got equipment for my new office with the capital and have already started generating positive returns with my new productivity. Thank you!

Vernice F.
Get Going Productions

SharpShooter Funding Business Financing

My application for a business LOC for my CPA practice was processed very quickly and made the funds available instantly which is awesome…SharpShooter Funding is a very dependable financing source.

Julieann S.

With a thorough review of my business, the results were greater than expected

I love the fact that Paul Pitcher will be my “Go To” person after my loan was approved.

Tawanna D.

I have good experinces with SharpShooter Funding.!

SharpShooter Funding is the best for small business loans.

Kandice D.

Easy to use

I haven’t received the funds as of yet, however the process is super easy. Look forward to getting the funds.

Norris G.

I was pleasently surprised as to how easy and quickly I was approved.

I can honestly say it took no more than 30 minutes to get approved. I was not approved for as much as I needed, but it took care of my immediate need. I am thankful that your company’s link was d with me by another small business owner. I plan to stay with SharpShooter Funding and see how high my amount can reach.
Thanks for opening doors for small companies like me, when no one else would.

Donnetta L.

Line of Credit

Quick and easy

Ozie B.

Quick & Efficient

They worked quickly on my information and gave me the results I needed!

Lola C.

Faster than all the competition!!

I tried a few quick loan sites and no one, absolutely no one was true to their word as to how fast they will approve the loan like SharpShooter Funding.

Carly H.

SharpShooter Funding is awesome!

Thank you SharpShooter Funding to help make my dreams come true! By offering a loan, I will be able to buy inventory to help grow my business in fourth quarter! Staff is truly awesome and very fast if you need to email or talk with them about anything. I can’t thank you enough!

Louann P.

Easier to work with than I expected

when I was referred to SharpShooter Funding, I was doubtful of the process and if they could help me with cash flow. So I took the plunge and found the process was easy, simple and straight forward. All of the information needed was right there for me to see and then i knew I wouldn’t be in the dark with my account. Yes for having the capital to fund projects with a return to more than pay the cost of accessing upfront cash there are none easier. So if you are thinking about it, don’t, just go for it and watch your business grow without the pressure of trying to find the funds.

Fumiko A.

Awesome Partnership

I’m writing this review to STRONGLY recommend Sharpshooter Funding. I am a new business owner in my 1st year and Paul Pitcher with the team from Sharpshooter Funding went above and beyond to help me with finances for my business.

They approved me for double what I thought and are so amazing to work with. Extremely organized and knowledgeable, I would definitely refer anyone to them.

They know EXACTLY what to do and how to help and answer any questions or issues I had.

Definitely looking forward to this hopefully long term partnership.

Keep it going guys!

Ed Malone
EM Catering

Customer Service

Customer Service was excellent! I spoke with 3 different people and they all knew exactly what was needed. Saved a lot of time and aggravation not having to explain my particular situation over and over. Fast courteous and Professional. We’ll definitely be a return customer.

Madeline P.

Easiest application for a loan I have ever applied!!!

They have the most technical advanced website that makes getting cash a breeze, I was surprise that in less than 20 mins I seen a pop up window say your cash is on the way! thanks!!

Evan L.

Very happy with results, a true help for small businesses!

Once I contacted SharpShooter Funding and went thru the online process, I received an answer very shortly after , I had questions and called SharpShooter Funding directly, they were nice and answered all of my questions. Would recommend this service to any company.

Larry C.


They gave me money as soon as the next day

Waltraud T.

Excellent Service!

This was my first experience with SharpShooter Funding. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use.

Mee B.

Very easy and quick

A very easy to use service

Marilu P.

Growing my business with SharpShooter Funding is easy

I did not realize how easy it was to grow my business with SharpShooter Funding in my financial back yard.

The growing season was ripe with SharpShooter Funding and was a tremendous help with my financial needs.

Thanks SharpShooter Funding

Alberta S.

Short term business loan

Easy application, quick response and good customer service, no complaints about this from me.

Drucilla B.


It was s very simple and secure process. It only required less than 5 minutes for the approval. I needed to contact customer service and the representative was very helpful and knowledgeable and detailed the program in depth. I am very please and thankful for companies such as SharpShooter Funding assisting small business owners.

Neil D.

Great alternative finance choice

With banks still holding back funding for small businesses, SharpShooter Funding has a fair and efficient program to establish a line of credit. Our funding must be used properly in order to grow. But with the help from them, Sharpshooter Funding can be a SMB owners long term financial solution that can easily grow with the business!

Cora C.

Very helpful

Paul Pitcher is very helpful. He went beyond clarifying loan terms and so on and helped guide me through the application process over the phone, he immediately approved my business for funding and funding was completed within 36 hours. Amazing Job Mr. Pitcher and SharpShooter Funding!

Faustina B.

Excellent service

Excellent customer service, easy and convienant.

Yelena Y.

Excellent, Courteous, Knowledgeable and Patient service was provided to me.

My honest opinion is that I could not have asked for a more courteous, more knowledgeable and patient person to assist me with my loan process. Every step of the way, I was provided an outstanding continuous service as I tried to get my paperwork together. I cannot thank Alfredo enough for his kindness and special patience with me.

I have already began to recommend SharpShooter Funding to others. Thank you for hiring such great people who can take time with seniors like me. Its the kind of representation all companies should aspire to. Quite frankly, each time I spoke with Paul Pitcher, i felt bad because I was having problems time after time getting my paperwork together, and he kept assuring me that it was ok. Great person. Just great.

Delicia E.

Quick and Easy way to get a loan

Great place to get quick and easy loan!!

Gilda H.


Fast and honest

Val A.

Needed inventory for big job.

We needed to place a huge order and my customer didn’t want to front all the money for the parts, so we looked at numerous business loans before deciding to go with SharpShooter Funding to get what we needed to finish purchasing the parts for the job. All other loan processes would’ve taken weeks and we didn’t have that much time before our customer would’ve went to another company so we needed a fast answer with minimal paperwork. SharpShooter Funding’s process was fast, easy and painless and we had the funds deposited that day!!! Thanks.

Harrison L.

Great service

Great small business landing service. They approved me for a line of credit online. Within hours I had an answer. They were the only institution willing to look at my small business for lending. I would recommend any small business owner to look into sharpshooter funding. Their payment system is great too.

Marcus B.

Honored For A Line Of Credit

There comes a time when some aspect of your business slows. I reached a point that we were generating income, however one month of three refunds at 1500.00 – hit us. There is some relief due to the line of credit from SharpShooter Funding. Thank you!

Pamella S.

Good Company

This is a good company with great service. The response to your loan is done quickly and with little worries.

Avis S.

Excellent Service

This was quick and easy and rates are competitive!

Yang S.

So far we are very impressed

We are a grocery store near Downtown Toronto. Our business is very seasonal oriented. In order to survive, we have expanded to the online part of selling and shipping groceries, combined with brokering several services. We are expanding online currently. So SharpShooter Funding will be an important tool for us to bridge these times. Customer service has been fantastic.

Wanetta H.

Best experience EVER

I like the fact you can have fast money to grow my business with no documents or wait

Vicki A.

Great company!

Really took the time to understand our business.

Ricardo P.

Quick, simple—-but pricey.

For a quick fix without all of the hassles

Stacee Z.

SharpShooter Funding rocks!!

Very helpful and easy. Paul Pitcher is the man!

Bernie R.

Great concept and it works

Every thing from application to approval process was fast, smooth and very easy on my end. I did not had to fax lengthy banks statements or additional documents for review. Everything was done online from my computer and I was approved in less than a minute and funds available instantly with rate structure easy to understand with payment dates and amount.
Another nice thing was I did not had to get lump sum loan instead could withdraw as much I like whenever I like. Thank you.

Marylyn B.

Excellent experience

Great company to work with. I hope to continue to do business with them for a long time.

Denisse R.

Qualifying process very efficient

It was very easy to qualify for a line of credit. The only change I would make if you take 1/3 of your line you should pay it back in 6 months, 2/3 of your line in a year and the full line should have 18 months to pay it back!

Corazon K.

Very impressed

Yes the system works its amazing.

Ed B.

So far so good

I’ve read some negative reviews and was a bit apprehensive but decided to try it anyways. Was instantly approved for $36,000.

Marna W.

Super Speed

Went home one night after getting jerked around by some other loan companies and got onto the computer and my loan was done in 20 minutes, unbelievable! The best service I’ve ever had in the banking industry.

The only negative I would mention is the amount was quite a bit lower than requested, but when your giving loans over the internet that quickly I can understand some reservation and I am able to grow my credit line with them, so it all works out.

Suellen S.

Funding when you Need It!

Since I have a cash only business based on sales, it makes it hard for me to get loans since I don’t accept credit cards or reoccurring payments. I applied for my SharpShooter Funding loan when I was waiting for a big sale to post. The money was in my account within 2 days of applying and helped me to cover business expenses until the sale came through. This was the easiest process in me obtaining working capital for my business and the interest rate is outstanding. Thanks to SharpShooter Funding I have been able to expand my business and make more revenue! I would recommend SharpShooter Funding to anyone.

Luna H.

Fast access to business funding

As easy as 123. Efficient and very helpful in cash flow crunch periods.

Pete R.
Oakville Bar & Grille

Great customer service.

The customer service with our sales rep was excellent and the process was very fast and efficient.

Mandi P.

Easy approval

So far so good. Will help my retail online business with lots of inventory , thanks SharpShooter Funding!

Carole C.

Excellent Customer Service

I could not be happier with my first experience with SharpShooter Funding. The customer service was excellent along with the detailed explanation about how best to use the service.

Magan B.


The website was so easy to understand and user friendly

Eleonor S.

Good deal!

Got very good terms as compared to other companies. Thank you Paul Pitcher!

Bryanna L.

Fast and easy!

No other words but helpful, quick, easy and painless!

Mao Q.

Approval was professional

It recommended to everyone who wants to grow your business

Felecia H.

Quick fund’s with low fee’s.

Quick and easy, never had to leave the office. Didn’t even have to uploaded documents, just linked account’s and had funding in minutes.

Danyel N.


After my bank that I have been banking with for over 20yrs wouldn’t let my company borrow $1.00. I heard about SharpShooter Funding on the radio and browsed to there website. After filling out short forms online I was approved in less than 10mins.

Very Awesome

Elliott K.

Simple. Fast. Fair.

A brilliant algorithm combined with a user friendly GUI made the experience a delight. So unlike the leaden banks. The game has truly changed and SharpShooter Funding is leading the way. Bravo!

Richelle C.

Great Service

Very thorough polite and concise. My funding application took less then 1 minute and I was comfortable throughout the entire process. I would recommend Sharpshooter funding to any small to midsize business. Thanks again Sharpshooter Funding.

Destiny B.

I would recommend this company to anyone.

They did a wonderful job

Dustin M.

Be prepared

My company never seemed to need a credit line, but I realized it was something to have just in case. If used with discretion, it gives us a sense of peace knowing that we are ready if an opportunity to grow the business comes along.

It has been several months since we applied and we were surprised at how easy the process was. Do yourself a favor and have a plan for your business.

Henry P.

Wow, that was almost too easy!

I was able to get approved for the funding I needed, stay within my budget, get great terms, and was able to do it all from my iPhone!

Rachal S.

Quick clear service

Good service all around

Lula D.


Is a good service willing to give new entrepreneurs a chance to grow and develop growth and strength .

Lisette K.

Very easy!

I tried to get many loans to help with cash flow. This was by far the simplest and easiest and efficient.

Jennell M.

SharpShooter Funding is a breath of fresh air when it comes to funding your small business.

I was skeptical! A online service offering a credit line with just your bank statements. Well, it is true! and it’s that simple. Finally, there is a choice for small businesses to capitalize their operations without having to deal with a bank. There are many other online companies that are offering funding however, the offers are at huge interest rates. SharpShooter Funding rates are very reasonable and offer flexibility that fits your budget. Do yourself a favor and give SharpShooter Funding a chance to to show you how easy it really is to fund your business. You will not regret it.

Leisha D.

SharpShooter Funding experence

The SharpShooter Funding experence was extremely simple when working with informed staff. The process was very simple and quick. Our only disappointment was the amt provided vs our request. Will use again in furture.

Muoi S.

Very Good

It was very short and easy online process.

Sana L.

Great product and service

Overall had a great experience and our account manager Rod Theus is wonderful. We had some computer issues and back office underwriting issues that took little longer than expected but the product and service offer is great if you can patient about some technical items. I would highly recommend this business.

Marguerite E.


I was pleasantly surprised when a qualifier. After i answered a few basic question, i was transferred to Paul Pitcher. Paul Pitcher was patient and went through the verification process, and then in a few moments he informed me I was approved. I was then instructed through the process of accessing the funds. I have to say the service 2nd to none….the application process follows the KISS (Keep It Short & Simple) method…friendly informed customer service agents….it all equals a win win relationship. Grateful SHARPSHOOTER FUNDING is guilty of causing my business to grow.

Ernesto F.

Great experience the service one of a kind , I’m really empress the way they handled from start to finish .

The service one of a kind , I’m really empress the way they handled from start to finish .

Garnett P.

Great Experience so far!!!

Very easy to set up with our different accounts. Customer service is very nice and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend.

Silvia A.

Very reliable and quick

I loved how you use different analytics to get people approved its very conveinent and easy. Thank you SharpShooter Funding for helping my business!

Marva H.

Great company to work with.

This is a great option to consider instead of a merchant cash advance. Paul Pitcher was great to work with.

Aiko P.

Very easy application process!

The whole process from start to finish take sonly a few minutes and the follow-up emails made it easy for me to track the status of my loan and also the availability of my funds once I was approved. I would highly recommend this service to any small business owner in need of working capital for a short period of time very very very easy to use, and very reasonable rates compared to other short-term lenders!

Grisel P.

Above Par

SharpShooter Funding was very upfront and not complicated to work with, it’s a pleasure to do business with such a company ! To top it off they have great incentives!

Laine T.

Really got me out of a jam.

My factoring company froze my payments and cut me off until someone bought my account out. This process took a long time and SharpShooter Funding got me a loan very fast to get me through til I get my money, really saved me. Thanks!

Geraldine C.

One word, WOW

I never knew it could be this easy or inexpensive getting funding for my business!

Gabriel W.

A true source of funding

SharpShooter Funding has simple and easy terms to understand – No hidden fees. A true partner.

Ashlie S.

Ashlie S.

Very good experience.

The only thing that I would have liked is for the amount to have been close to what I was expecting. The amount was much lower than I expected.

Lance B.


SharpShooter Funding was by far the easiest loan process I’ve ever used. A++++

Nell P.

Hassle free!

When you need a quick buck to float you through the month, SharpShooter Funding is great! There’s no back and forth with agents who need document after document. Fair interest rate and fast cash! Thanks, I’ll definitely use SharpShooter Funding again.

Kamala E.

So far our experience has been a pleasant one.

Very pleasant process. We plan to use their services as we have a need. Web site very easy to us and the mobile app is very convenient.

Rosana L.


Thanks for professional way the application took.

Crissy S.

They very easy to deal with.

It’s a little pricey but no else would make us an offer. So appreciate that they came thru for me and my business

Vince S.

Simply the Best!

As a small Business, It is truly refreshing to do business with a company that does what it promises. Your staff are hands down top shelf! I want to thank Paul Pitcher for making the customer aware of what to expect and he was very helpful and a real professional! Thank You Sharpshooter Funding and keep up the good work, I see a long term relationship in the works.P.S. love your radio ads! Easy to execute funding today! Thanks again Camille B.

Camille B.

Very Fast Loan and Friendly Customer Service

The process went very quickly. As they say, Canadian Small Business at its best is what SharpShooter Funding is all about!

Hortense B.

Business Loan

Fast funding within 48 hours, low interest rate, simple documents and flexible loan term with best customer services. I am very satisfied. Thank you.

Marquis L.

Great experience

Easy to use. Approved funds when others declined!

Asia W.

Initial Signup

Great company. Easy to work with. Will continue to use in the future!!

Zada D.

Easy as one two three

Very good experience. quick and easy was a great experience, there when I needed them

Demarcus S.

Fastest Application business Approval

In minutes my approval was received after sending my application. I was shocked because I have never experienced such fast response. In my disbelief I did not request for the loan at that time but few days later after I received a call from SharpShooter Funding. Business owners can obtain the cash they want in the fastest time.

Lorrine R.

Fabulous service and experience

Everyone is so on it and helpful and they deliver. Pure, plain and simple. Thank you!

Angelika R.

Thank you Paul Pitcher and SharpShooter Funding!

My first experience. Everything was smooth and straightforward. As a small business owner it is nice to have the ability to grab cash for a unexpected glitch.

Marc H.

“Great Company”

SharpShooter Funding has given me the right tools that i have been looking for.I truly like they way handle the proccess and very good customer service.I am truly thankful and blessed.Thank You SharpShooter Funding so much

Fredric G.

quickest easiest way to borrow money in a flash!

This is by far the nicest company to work with. They treat you with the same respect whether youre borrowing 5k or 50k! The interest rates are reasonable too. Just use what you need and the credit line stays with you as you make payments. Its great having that safety net there when things get tight. Thanks SharpShooter Funding!

Shirlene B.

I had to test the waters

Well I can testify it is real so far . The money has showed up 48 hrs later directly in my bank account .
This really helps small business for emergency situations.
So much better than going through a bank long drawn out process of stupid questions they already know. Then they tell you no sir your fica score is to low. I respond to a email from SharpShooter Funding and tried ten minute form them bam . They approve me for double more than the bank denied me for.
Paul Pitcher must have looked at how much money I move on a daily basis . Just wonder why the bank could not do the same .

Gerda B.

Great customer service

Great customer service
Easy to use

Magnolia E.

SharpShooter Funding is set up perfect for microbusinesses

SharpShooter Funding has a fantastic loan structure for small businesses. The process was seamless and easy!

Latia S.

Off to a great start in building a solid business relationship with SharpShooter Funding

The SharpShooter Funding Application process was fast and easy, and we received additional support from Emma in customer relations. We weren’t able to get quite as much working capitol as we had hoped for in our initial transaction but we are confident that over time we can establish a great track record and increase the cash flow to be a big help to our operations.

Nannette L.

So Far So Good

So far so good. Customer Service is very good.

Lorena H.

Its about time!

This company loans money based on true income. They don’t discriminate against the category of your income. I am self-employed and the timing of my income is not on a regular basis. SharpShooter Funding looked at other factors and loan money based on those factors, and not my personal credit alone. Do not hesitate to apply.

Cristi C.

Very easy to work with!

The folks are friendly and nice to deal with. Flexible on payment schedules and considerate of situations.

Agustina L.

Very simple process

I am happy that the process was so seamless

Jerri F.


Simple and streamline

Trenton K.

Simple straight to the point

Easy hands on directions with  information. Make each step convenient and effective.

Marinda G.


SharpShooter Funding helped us when our company needed some working capital. Alfredo the representative helped me immensely.

Krissy P.

Great FinTech Company.

I found SharpShooter Funding while reading Forbes magazine. The whole experience was extremely delightful and hassle-free. Out of all the fintech companies i have worked with i would say that this is one the best companies out there. low interest rates, hassle free loan approval and totally trustworthy. deserves to be on the top list of fintech

Lan W.

Easy to use and communicate

My experience was very pleasant. Simple, fast and great customer support.

Darrin T.

They do exactly what they say they will do.

The application process was exactly as presented and was very simple. Response time was almost immediate and 2 days later, the money showed up in my account. The only reason they don’t get 5 stars from me, is the fee, which is somewhat high.

Beatriz G.

Fast Quick Easy No Hassle and Will Do Again!!

There are many “companies” that do internet types of loans or advances, SharpShooter Funding is truly the best; No hassle, fair rates, easy to work with and could not be better.

Martina S.

Everything as promised

I’m very happy I choose SharpShooter Funding. My rep, Paul Pitcher, did a great job in helping me navigate the application process. After I was approved, I received my loan in my account within 2 days. Payments are scheduled over 6 months, so I don’t have to worry about long term loans with high interest rates. The fees charged are reasonable. I’m happy with my decision!

Rebecka P.

Very quick & easy way to open a line of credit for my business

I have had several banks and loan sharks trying to get my business. I had a very quick, safe and easy experience with SharpShooter Funding, Look forward to many years of business with them.

Takako N.

Easy to work with

This was a simple and quick way to get needed working capital. There were no hassles or long and drawn out processes. Just prove you can re-pay the loan and choose how much money you need.

Holly P.

Service is awesome

When your service or product takes longer to deliver than you intend it often places cash flow constraints that make on time delivery even more difficult and most local lenders are not eager to work with small companies unless you have a-1 credit even if you have good collateral. You guys came through for me, I really appreciate your help. Looking forward to a long term relationship.
Thank You, Very Much

Graig L.

Great experience

While I’m new to this, so far this has been a great experience and is a valued asset to to any small business.

Kathlyn G.

Great experience and lightening quick response from SharpShooter Funding!

I applied, was approved in minutes and when I was ready to use the funds it was simple to do! Great overall experience.

Shayne P.

Great system

I love SharpShooter Funding, great for start up and other business.

Forrest S.

Excellent First Experience!!

As a small and quickly growing business owner, SharpShooter Funding has opened the door for my business to expand. This was an excellent first experience and the staff are exceptional!

Toya F.

Ease of Use

I have a small gourmet popcorn business which is beginning to fruit. I knew I was not ready for the bank but needed a line of credit. I heard Lori Greiner’s endorsement and applied for my first commercial loan. After understanding the process, completed the application and received approval immediately. The terms are good and I am certain that as I grow, they will be a source for additional funding.

Valentin V.


Easy and rates are really good.

Arletha H.

So far, so good!

There was a little hickup on getting the bank registered, but once the agent reset the site on her end everything went smooth as pie. The deposit was made quickly and easily. Loved it.

Joye S.


After the initial loan application was approved the 1st time we borrowed against the line of credit was so simple, no hassle. Money was in the account in the manner of time we were told.

Noelle Z.

SharpShooter Funding rocks

Easy, quick and simple – the ultimate good service experience!

Cathern K.

SharpShooter Funding reps were very helpful.

SharpShooter Funding is an excellent service for when you need cash quick. Unless interest rates change (lower) as your account is repaid and reviewed, I would seek other long term options with better terms. That said, it’s what “I” needed at this point in my business cycle. Make your decision based on your needs.

Leslie B.

Exactly as advertised, refreshing.

Funds were available quickly, everything came through just as hoped.

Estelle S.

Thank you for the opportunity.

After being turned down for the funds I was originally asking for I was surprised that I was contacted again with an offer that met close to what I needed. It does appear to me that they want my business and are willing to give second opportunities to help small businesses. I would recommend SharpShooter Funding to any small business based on my current experiences with them.

Felica H.


Totally surprised me! As a business owner, you’re always being sold. Naturally, I was a little apprehensive. Too my surprise, the process was seamless, and moved fairly quickly. I had funding in no time, which was right on time. I have already referred 3 clients to the program.

Belia C.

So far, so good.

Things have gone pretty smoothly so far. I like it that I can pay the prepay the loan and save money. Thanks for your help.

Evelynn B.

Unbelievably easy loan!

SharpShooter Funding approved me for a loan that I didn’t think I would qualify for. They made the application process simple and carefree. My approved money amount was available seconds after they notified me that I was approved. I am very appreciative!

Tamara S.

I am very pleased with the funding service

I did not think it would be so simple to do and it was very happy that I did it

Kris H.

Great and quick

It was a quick and great experience no hassle and very honest!

Julia K.

Great service and online bug

I like the customer service, Kyle is great and customer service helpful but took me around 1 week to get bank account added because of bug with the system. Overall I am pleased though. Looking forward to a good experience with them.

Dean C.

This is how funding should be!

My business hierarchy is complicated which makes almost anything I do complicated when it comes to lending. The process took less than 36 hours and it was the quickest funding turn around I’ve ever experienced. Five Stars for Sharpshooter Funding!

Dessie W.



Genny K.

Great Funding Source

I was extremely happy with the entire process, simple underwriting and professional financial representatives. I would highly recommend SharpShooter Funding to all Small Businesses looking for capital to grow their business.

Kathryn C.



Mariann N.

A new player in small business funding.

My company got hit with an unexpected expense after a workers comp audit and it was due immediately. The company didn’t want to negotiate payment arrangements and we’d have to cease operations if payment wasn’t made. I’d heard the ads on the radio, found SharpShooter Funding online and within minutes we were approved for almost 30k, enough to take care of the bill. And the money showed up in our account in 2 days. It’s nice to know that gap funding is available for the little guys.

Hans F.

Great customer service,

The service is great for our start up, we got support in just minutes and the funds we needed in just a few clicks!!!!!

Willa W.

Borrowing money

The person who worked with me was very helpful. waiting for money into acct is a surprise. will be able to say more4 later

Abraham S.

Excellent Funding Alternative

I found the experience with SharpShooter Funding to be straightforward and painless.

Wade S.


I was surprised to find that we qualified for instant funds and then increased our credit limit a bit by linking more affiliated service we use to give SharpShooter Funding better insight about our company. So far, so good!

Dannie M.


As a one man show I work long hours and work close to get my sales and in the past I have had many deals come to me I could not buy,because of cash flow.
This will help me grow in my business.

Celinda B

Very easy, and nice to work with

It was a simple process and SharpShooter Funding answered all my questions and was very helpful. I would recommend this to a small business that wants to have access to cash but doesn’t want to use the bank.

Malvina C.

Great service – easy to execute.

This is a great service designed with small businesses in mind. I will definitely continue to use these guys.

Leonore G.

SharpShooter Funding Is the Boss For Efficiency

In a world of advertising that promises substantial benefits with little effort needed, only to find out that the words ring hollow, SharpShooter Funding delivers what the company says it will do. SharpShooter Funding directly states that if their minimal criteria is met with the needed documentation, SharpShooter Funding will provide the funds that match the borrower’s ability to repay the loan in an affordable manner, without a need to “break the bank.” SharpShooter Funding interest rates are very reasonable. Their user friendly loan accessing process sets SharpShooter Funding above the crowd in terms of; ease, efficiency, and effectiveness, to deliver the needed capital in a matter of moments. The SharpShooter Funding customer service team treats you as a person, and not just as an account number. SharpShooter Funding is the benchmark of the lending business.

Fe B.

So Fast, So Easy!

SharpShooter Funding is the ultimate fantasy for small business looking for a convenient loan. The service representatives are extremely friendly and helpful and even offered great terms and lowered discount percentages to help us. Application takes less than 5 minutes to complete and the fund were in our account within 48 hours of the request. It seems too good to be true, but it’s not!

Tresa M.

Small business line of Credit.

I was taken by surprised when I filled out an app. online they issued my company a line of credit which meant I was going to have money avaliable when I need it. But what’s great about this is I take how ever much I need. Most companies will just give you a lump sum. SharpShooter Funding thank you

Ora C.

Very helpful

Had a question about the initial transfer. Emily was very helpful.

Tim N.


Awesome experience

Shan H.

Loan process

Smooth, easy process. Thanks for the help.
All 5 Star to start

Gene S.

Quick & Easy Application, Money Was Transferred In 1 Day

The application process was quick and painless. Very impressed with the fact that you can link in your accounting, banking and e-commerce accounts and have them review your financials on a more granular level to come up with a decision. Money was transferred to our operating account in a single business day.

Kent G.


Very good service. I would recommend to my clients who need cash for their businesses.

Angelena S.

You delivered just like you advertised

I heard about you on a radio ad in Toronto. Her endorsement made me look you up.I have tried to get funding with local banks, but I was just a credit score to them. They overlooked the business income and the opportunity for them to earn the rest of my business, (checking, savings, personal accounts, home mortgage ETC). As a small business owner it is frustrating to deal with the day to day cash flow issues. The local banks don’t understand that, and all they want to do no-risk lending, which is not realistic in our current business environment. Reward comes from taking some risk and your reward is I become a billboard letting people know about your company and how I was treated. keep up the good job, and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Raymon K.


Excellent. No reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone. The Rep who help me process my loan was very helpful and accommodating. No paper work to submit very impressed.

Caridad B.

Easy and reasonably priced

Very positive experience with SharpShooter Funding. My Account Manager Hank was beyond professional. My business was pre-approved, so the process took about 10 minutes. Good service, especially with all of the regulations in place for large banks. Very happy with SharpShooter Funding and will give us the extra juice for expansion.

Ebony C.

So easy – and fast!

This was super quick and the loan was funded and in our bank in 2 days!

Margarette J.

Experience was efficient, timely, and very interactive.

Whether by email or phone, response to questions and support was very efficient and prompt. Timing was quick to an answer and amount available.
Terms were phenomenal for a short term cash flow business loan.

Amiee R.

Glad I found SharpShooter Funding!

The team was professional, timely, and followed up with any inquiries I had…
I would recommend this company!

Kirk R.

Business Capital

I would recommend SharpShooter Funding to any small business in need of a short term line of credit.
I would also suggest you do your diligence.
It may not be for everyone, so don’t think that you won’t have to prove your business worth.

I’m am sure if you understand what you are getting with SharpShooter Funding, you will be happy with the service and terms.

Paul Pitcher was a pleasure to work with during the approval process. Thank you.

Mariel P.


Excellent service

Tennie L.

Amazing Sauce!!!

I’m new, but so far it was painless. Got a lot less than I expected. I do enough business for a few grand at least. But gotta love ’em… Let’s see if they increase.

Guy H.


Paul Pitcher was magnificent, the process was easy

Jonna C.

Fast and easy

SharpShooter Funding was amazingly easy to use and we were funded in less than 2 business days. Thank you.

Annalee R.

Great experience

Awesome experience. Easy process and took less than 10 minutes to do online

Colin F.

Outstanding Service!!!

This is an exceptional lender for small business, and I highly recommend this company.

Carolee C.

When you need to get it done.

Not sure what I expected, but Sharpshooter Funding is real! They got me the money that I needed immediately to complete my project. While banks asked for item after item, the Sharpshooter process was pretty much instant for business funding. Hey you are not getting the best rate possible, but when you cant wait, it’s a great alternative.

Glennis S.

I’m a satisfied customer

The system and processes is quick and easy.

Demetra B.

Gave me more than I thought I could get approved for.

It took a little longer to get approved but when I did I was pleased to see the amount that I was offered. Very fast over all.

Venetta M.

Good fast service.

They were very professional handling my case with a swift response. Application was very easy to fill out and will def. use them in the future again if they are ever needed.

Delila H.

SharpShooter Funding is the BEST

From Beginning till the end of the process, customer service was A+. Just received the funding and my personal customer service rep Vicky walked me right through it, took only minutes!!! Thank You

Bernadette C.

Very easy to do. Rep was great to work with.

Money COULD be in the checking account a little quicker, but no other issues.

Glenn S.

Quick Cash but unfair and convoluted

My experience has not been fantastic. Acquiring cash is easy, but the way the fees are calculated is not clear and VERY expensive. The program is designed in such a way to be complex and tricky to understand which is frustrating and disappointing. I’ve gotten a different answer each time I’ve called on repayment terms and fees associated with the loans from the different staff members. Having said that, I’m sure all the details are clearly outlined in the very carefully worded (dare I say deceiving) loan details, so be very careful to understand early repayment options and fees – it will be very difficult to understand and likely not what you think.

Ona K.

Fast and easy

Started my application on a Thursday and received the funds by Saturday

Neva B.

Great company, Difficult results

Great service. Super user friendly website and mobile app.

Magdalena B.

They saved my livelihood!

Yes, I was shocked to see how much the fees were, but compared to my shock at being accepted for a lifesaving loan it meant nothing. All my hard work was finally being recognized, so I was able to get the funds I needed to move into a bigger place for my store and be closer to family.

Kristin S.


I tried to apply online and it took me only 15mins to complete the form and i was shocked when i got the result. this lending company is best if need some capital for your small business. People behind customer service are very nice, they always tried to help their clients what ever needs.

Kesha R.

Good experience!

Paul Pitcher was very helpful and gave me tips to assist me with the planning of using available funds. He is a true professional with sharpshooter funding.

Florencio O.

Just enough funding

Short & sweet process in order to get enough funding to expand my business to a third location. Traditional lending asked for too much info and fees. SharpShooter Funding filled the gap I needed quickly and right on time.

Katharine C.

Quick response

Someone is always available to speak to you.

Lucy M.

Great loan experience

My SharpShooter Funding loan experience was great from application to getting the loan.

Kandi O.

easy good experience

I’m new to using SharpShooter Funding but so far very happy. Easy to set up and the support is there to help. I would recommend SharpShooter Funding to my friends and business associates.

Yuriko G.

Quick Turnaround!

Funding was fast & easy – no endless red tape!

Venetta C.

Great experience

The process was simple and easy to use, and the service was fast

Gisele M.

SharpShooter Funding is a great company.

Mr. Paul Pitcher, or as I like to call him, PAULY P!, did a great job dealing with us. Thank you so much.

Marcelle L.

A fantastic and professional experience

I applied for the very first time. I was having difficulties with completing an application on my MAC. Paul Pitcher saved the day! He was patient and worked extremely hard for 25 minutes to solve my problem. I received the funding the very next morning. Thank you Paul Pitcher and SharpShooter Funding!

Judi B.

Highly Recommended

Very quick and honest will continue to use again!!!

Vella B.

Awesome painless process

SharpShooter Funding provided my firm the funds we needed to cover payroll, the process was very simple and fast. I would recommend this service to any small business.

Ela S.

Easy, friendly, awesome.

Very practical and user friendly experience – end to end. Great customer service, and no gimmicks like other loan options loaded with hidden costs. With SharpShooter Funding it’s about getting down to business. Thanks!

Mervin C.

Super FAST! Zero Hassles or Confusion and Easy as Pie

I found SharpShooter Funding on Facebook… It was perfect timing for me and my business.

I clicked the link and within 8 minutes (only because I was on my iPad in bed), I had $27,000 available in my account.

The best part is that I ONLY use as much money as I need.
I can withdraw more from the account only if I need more.

Thank you for providing this service for a small company like mine -and for the platform and terms being so EASY to understand and work with.

Great experience so far!

Soledad K.

State of the art

This is how everything should work simple and easy

Thank you people of SharpShooter Funding!!!!!!

Freeda S.

Incredible Way Of Getting Loan!!!!

Supper Fast, real easy process, staff members are very helpful, you get approved in minutes. Just unbelievable way of getting funds for your business. Looking forward to borrow more in the future to redesign my store.
Thank You

Delmy O.

Easy to work with!

We were literally approved in minutes! I remembered hearing about SharpShooter Funding on the radio. We are still waiting to see if we will be approved for a higher dollar amount but in the meantime the amount we did get approved for will get the ball rolling for the expansion of our restaurant.

Wan N.

Unbelievably awesome!

Application took a few minutes. Before I knew it, I had available funding in my account. Funding I could actually borrow from to finance the expansion of my business. I am very happy I found SharpShooter Funding, and it has given me new hopes for my business.

Don B.

So far so good

First loan taken with them. Looking forward to more business dealings if everything goes alright with the first loan.

Archie C.


Easy process, great experience. Perfect for my short term cash flow needs

Letitia L.

My experience

I’m very satisfied with the excellent service, I recommend this to everyone and they have very quick service

Doug F.


Awesome plain and simple

Sheila F.

Easy and super fast application

I was Leary at first but the process was easy and fast and very surprising. I will definitely use SharpShooter Funding all the time when my business is in need. Repayment was an easy payment plan.

Eliseo S.

The Best Service

I am impressed with Paul Pitcher’s methodology, customer care, openness, sustainability and follow up. Paul within Sharpshooter Funding, is professional, on-point and courteous. I recommend Sharpshooter Funding to all Canadian small business owners.

Ta B.



Henry G.

good system but fees too high

Very good system, reviews transactions and instant approval

Jina A.

Helped me when I most needed …

I thank God for his guidance. I am grateful for the excellent service I’ve received so far. I promise to be your best customer. God bless you all.

Heike M.

Great Service

Service with promptness!

Genevie G.

Thank you SharpShooter Funding

As a new very small business, as I grow, the more tight my cash flow gets. I really needed inventory while waiting for money to come in. SharpShooter Funding was fast approval and just what a needed.

Lela C.

Application Process

Was easy, quick and directions online were easy to understand and follow.

Jorge K.

SharpShooter Funding customer service

My experience so far has been very positive with the way they conduct business. Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Marlon L.

SharpShooter Funding

We have had a great experience. Everything is easy and straightforward, and we would recommend anyone to SharpShooter Funding.

Tayna M.


This is a great easy to use service! Love it!

Venetta P.



Nikia T.

Did their Due Diligence

I started with Paul Pitcher the 5th of August. I had an “opportunity” to open a new location and needed to both buy the equipment for it and fund operations. Plus, my “existing” locations were running thin on operating capital. SharpShooter Funding’s business model where they actually worked to assess my existing locations deposits allowed them to determine that after about 6 years in business I was indeed a viable loan candidate. My credit cards (at 80% and therefore my personal credit score was just avg, 610-620) did not stop them from loaning me cash as I am sure they saw I never missed a single payment in my 9 year credit history. Bottom line was my business had deposits over the prior three months of 16K+ each month. This allowed them to see my business just needed some cash to expand and thrive, but was worth the loan and another chance for me. I really appreciated their careful consideration. Just funding my original locations would have paid off my card balances and allowed me to pay back SharpShooter Funding’s loan, but the “shot in the arm” of confidence from the SharpShooter Funding team helping me expand the business in addition was really considerate on their part and highly respected on my part. In a world where an BDC loan should have been a “no brainer” to get, or funding from one of “the big 5 banks” should have been offered instantly to someone with my business “track record” SharpShooter Funding’s real-time analysis was STELLAR! Forget why the SBA does not “get it” “model” and CALL or EMAIL SHARPSHOOTER FUNDING IMMEDIATELY! They have TECH BRAINS!!! yeah for that! They’re incredibly civil, frank & friendly.

Otha T.

Great Resource for small businesses!

I would recommend SharpShooter Funding to any small business.

Alexander E.

I’m very satisfied!

SharpShooter Funding is giving me the opportunity, that other lenders didn’t. They made the whole process quick,simple, and convenient to use to fund my business. … thanks SharpShooter Funding!

Tequila N.


Good Customer Service and fast services.

Inez F.

Super service from a new company willing to go the extra mile for new customers.

The entire process took minutes and was very easy to follow. We had a positive answer in minutes, and our money just as quickly. We look forward to more transactions with SharpShooter Funding.

Tobias H.

How easy SharpShooter Funding makes business

My first time using SharpShooter Funding and my experience was easy

Angelina A.


This was a very easy and simple process. Very satisfied with the way things work on SharpShooter Funding!

Trula W.


Approved within 15 minutes without a hassle. Thank you!

Aurora G.

Great Place to get funding

I filled out an online application for funding on a Monday and was approved by Thursday. I received my funds on Friday. Overall good, quick experience. I recommend the SharpShooter Funding team!

Deetta R.

Quick and Fast

Thank you Paul Pitcher!!!!! I appreciate the SharpShooter Funding Team!

Carter F.

Excellent Customer Service

Perfect experience!

Salley N.

Loan Process

It was easier then I thought it would be , our representative was very helpful.

Glennie N.


Please know this process is Trusted, Accurate, and Extremely beneficial for someone looking for funding to grow your business. My representative walked me through every step, and even helped us understand the process in depth after getting approved. I have ABSOLUTELY NO complaints NO changes needed.

Ismael T.

Good Quick Source

Good source of quick capital. Advice – use the capital wisely to ensure acceptable ROI

Kattie S.

Very fast and convenient.

The only issue I had was the connection between your system and the banks.

Wesley E.


I had a wonderful experience when I called my account rep , Mr Paul Pitcher. He went through all the information and questions I had for him in a very professional manner. I appreciate the time he took to answer all the questions i had before I opted to go for the loan for our business. Thanks very much for being a professional .

Jc P.


The process was very simple and easy. We qualified in minutes for an amount that we liked. The problem is that we requested the money because we needed it and I still have yet to receive it. They say it can take three days but come on. With today’s quick bank transactions and transfers this is crazy. I applied because I needed quick finding versus a bank. I needed it and still have yet to receive the funds.

Willis W.


It was easy to get the loan.

Weldon R.

Best Business experience Ever Better than any BANK!!!!!

My experience with SharpShooter Funding has been the best thing since sliced bread
They are very easy to work with, they added my band to there system in one day! and I had my money in two days. NO BANK !! NO TAX RETURN’S No BS money when you need it. SharpShooter Funding is a small business person’s dream come true. Who ever thought of this should run for President (move over TRUMP here come’s SharpShooter Funding

Jennie G.

Fast Approval

I applied at other places including my bank after receiving a letter and was turned down but SharpShooter Funding approved me in less than 30 minutes! Gerry C Multimedia & Graphics

Gerry C.


SharpShooter Funding is a great product for your business. It gives you that peace of mind that cash is available for your business. Easy terms and your line is always available to fund your business.
The application process was quick and the credit line is available in minutes.

Joana H.

Quick and easy! Hassle-Free!!

CIBC, Scotia Bank AND RBC needed cash flow of over $250k per year for 2 years – I wouldn’t really need the loan if I had that capital…. Thank you Sharpshooter Funding!

Leia B.

I love SharpShooter Funding

Great system and features. Will be a long time customer.

Marleen H.

Simple & easy

The transaction was simple and quick and I would do business with this company again in the future.

Duane V.

New to this site

So far so good. But I need some more experience with this site to give it a full review. So far everything has gone good.

Tawanna G

Top notch!

We had a great experience. Paul Pitcher is truly one of a kind! He explained everything and helped us through the basic process. No nonsense that can be experienced through other banking institutions.

Alisha B.

When you need Help , You can count on SharpShooter Funding

Paul Pitcher has been a terrific help in establishing our account with SharpShooter Funding.
We got an increase in our line within a couple of days of being approved.
So, far the experience has been fantastic!
As we grow we will count on SharpShooter Funding to be there for us. Better than a Bank and better than almost all other Business lenders.

Matt G.

Very easy process to navigate.

Overall, a very easy and intuitive web site to navigate. A little anxious at first with the info requirements and logins but it all turned out okay. I would use it again.

Evia B.

Brilliant service

The process could not have gone any better.

Jessica B.

Ease of Loan

I cannot believe how easy it was to obtain a loan from SharpShooter Funding, it took about 5 minuets to apply and approval was done, within an hour we determined how much we would take and the money was transferred to our operating account. Unlike the other loan companies they did exactly what they promised.

Joline G.

Great loan company and will be my loan company from now on!

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to work with the folks at SharpShooter Funding. It was so refreshing to find a company who gives loans at a much better rate than the typical Merchant Cash Advance companies who call over and over with high pressure and high finance charges.

SharpShooter Funding will be my one-stop-shop for all future business loans.

Yesenia S.

SharpShooter Funding real professional

I signed up with SharpShooter Funding the process was less than 5 minutess no red tape his company is straight forward. no messing around.

Louetta C.

I know evolution when I see it!

The people running this program have done an ingenious job with their platform and if the experience-based pricing that they promise with a track record is true then banks will be out of business soon!

Mayola W.


Very easy, money still expensive but not as expensive as other lenders.

Torie C.

No Doubt the easiest loan application and approval process ever.

This process has gone without issues and was the easiest application and approval process we have ever experienced. I would recommend this company to any small business looking for immediate working capital to use for their company.

Vivian U.

Quick and easy

It was very easy to connect with and apply online for funding. They approved me in minutes and I feel better prepared for this upcoming 4th Quarter!

Shaina P.

SharpShooter Funding application process

Quick and relatively easy. This may be a start to a long & valuable partnership.

Roger H.


This was the easiest process. Money was funded without and issues. I loved it

Domenic T.

Excellent service

I want to thank Paul Pitcher and the folks at SharpShooter Funding for helping me obtain funding for expanding my business! Excellent service! Quick responses to my questions and an overall smooth process!

Annmarie S.

Would recommend SharpShooter Funding and Rep. Christina Kim to any of my fellow dental lab owners.

Where banks fail their business customers as partners, SharpShooter Funding picks up the slack. I’ll never use conventional banking for business funding again.
SharpShooter Funding ROCKS!!!

Howard P.


Great customer service and quick response.

Audrey S.

Great service

I was surprised at the speed and efficiency of this service.

Alfred R.

Better Than I Thought

I thought my loan would have a very high interest rate but to my surprise it’s very reasonable. Before I used SharpShooter Funding I checked them out using the BBB and they have a clean record. It worked for me and the process was very easy. Highly Recommend!

Andrew A.

Fast, secure, easy.

Approved in 5 minutes, with no faxing, scanning, tax returns, or bank statements. Fast easy and better terms than any other program I’ve used. I will continue to use this financing for the rest of my business career.

Alejandra S.

Excellent Experience

My experience with SharpShooter Funding has been excellent so far. Their customer service has been prompt and informative. The process is easy to negotiate and understand. I look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with everyone at SharpShooter Funding.

Dede I.

SharpShooter Funding is awesome!

Before I began my small business, I made poor financial decisions. Wanting to correct my wrongs was very important to me now that I had a successful small business. Of course after filling out credit card applications I was denied. But, I knew with my new business & the weekly transactions that come through, I could afford the monthly payments.
SharpShooter Funding viewed my bank account & PayPal to attest that I was worthy of a credit line. There offer was generous & I was able to pay off some old debt as well as buy some new equipment that will be profitable for my business. I greatly appreciate the trust that was extended, along with SharpShooter Funding!!!! Thank you.

Han G.

I was pleased with the ease of the entire experience.

The experience was pleasant, staff was very helpful and open. I would recommend this service to others.

Shawnee T.


Easy but, the first two payments are high

Damien P.

Excellent Service

I am very happy with SharpShooter Funding and the service that I got ,Had funds in two days ……….Thanks……………Excellent……………..

Amber M.

SharpShooter Funding makes a difference

We just needed a small amount to get us through getting paid on a large invoice and filling a purchase order. You think to yourself, ‘Really, can it be that simple, quick and safe?’ It was and it is. We seriously had money in our bank account to use freely within three days. Thank you SharpShooter Funding for the boost!!

Rudolf G.

The process is extraordinary.

Fast and efficient!

Rosamaria B.


Very easy to complete great service

Guadalupe D.


I found out their service to be very good and quick, also the lady from customer service was very helpful I recommend their service to all my business friends

Theresia H.

Unbelievable Quick!

This is the most “no hassle” experience I have ever had for any kind of financial transaction. This was so easy, it literally took less than 15 minutes start to finish. I love how they look at your bank account to base their decision on the true picture of your finances.

Santana K.

Automatic funding

I was quite impressed how smooth and easy it was to do . The approval was generous but still in line with what I provided to them I hope to grow a good account with SharpShooter Funding over time. Thank you Paul Pitcher!

Hunter W

I was pleased and appreciate the analysis I was given.

The efforts Paul Pitcher were polite, immediate and reasonable. He had several occasions of analysis after exchanging information. My security was strongly considered.

The experience was professional.

Terrie I.

Easy working capital

Fair terms and easy process.

Abbey S.

Great Experience

Even if your don’t qualify right away, be patient and continue to build your business. After a bit of time and business history, SharpShooter Funding comes through for you!

Adelle S.


What a great service to a small business

Valeri V.

Painless and easy

An easy, painless experience. Supported by a very helpful staff. I would highly recommend SharpShooter Funding.

Millie F.

Love the transparency

Loved the phone call and follow up call regarding my loan and the best way to take advantage of rates and repayment. I felt like the agent had nothing to hide and by me borrowing I’m safe. I’m extremely happy with allowing SharpShooter Funding to be my lender so far.

Belia G.

Easy, Fast and very Helpful!

Needed more Inventory to get ready for big Holiday push, SharpShooter Funding approved in less than a minute! Won’t find that at a Bank ever!

Joaquina S.

Great option to increase working capital

The SharpShooter Funding process was quick and painless if you need a little or a lot this is a great way to get investment capital for your business. I just got a little for inventory this time but I can get a lot more if needed for the Xmas inventory later in the year. SharpShooter Funding can provided the needed capital for the small business without the big hassles. Thanks SharpShooter Funding for giving the small business a chance to grow!

Breana S.

Very easy process!

I like how they connected to my Amazon Sellers account to verify my real income from sales and approved my application very quickly. No other lender even had this option and made the process much harder.

Eliseo P.

Working Capital

There are multiple circumstances where a growing business requires substantial funds to get over the hump day. I find myself so optimistic in future sales that sometimes I’m left short to cover. With SharpShooter Funding I can wait until the last moment and request funds transferred in my paypal account in minutes. Of which allows great confront and relief of stress in knowing I will always cover. My expense is up to me, usually I allow for the 12 payments and pay off early. I think of SharpShooter Funding as “My friend in dire need”

Leonia H.

Easiest line of credit I have ever applied for and received!

I’ve never experienced such an easy access to a line of credit for my business of almost 14 years…. To be honest its a miracle! 🙂
I’m sooooooooo glad I saw SharpShooter Funding on my facebook feed…
I did this in less than 5 min at my computer. Thank you SharpShooter Funding so much for helping us small businesses…. You are the!!!!!!!

Adina S.

The experience was amazing, the service is top notch.

I’m glad that I’ve been referred to SharpShooter Funding funding. The customer service is excellent. Every representative that I spoke with was very helpful,patient & knowledgeable. Thanking you once again.

Sydney F.

Simple application process and quick response time

Staff at a SharpShooter Funding was very friendly and quick to respond to our request. We felt comfortable working with them and would recommend them.

Florence C.

All I can say is Wow!

SharpShooter Funding is doing it right! The process was simple and their credit decision based on real time data not a paper application.

In my opinion banks can’t compete with this. Hopefully they will increase their credit lines in the future. When they do that they will be unstoppable.

Stanley R.

SharpShooter Funding & Paul Pitcher

Excellent, just when you need the funding!

Melaine P.

Great User Experience with Web Site

Easy to Navigate, rich information, great performance, and beautiful layout

Foster O.

Very Quick and Easy

Within 15 minutes had the approval for a small loan. very painless!

Bertram G.

fast and easy

Amazed how fast and easy the process was. Up to now I highly recommend using SharpShooter Funding, the seven minutes approval process is true!

Louann J.

Quick and convenient

This service is a lifesaver and very great for someone needing to do business task without having to wait for weeks to get approval from a bank.

Broderick S

Back in Business!!

I had some costly equipment go down which is a substantial part of my business. With everything in accounts receivables and my equipment not being able to produce, SharpShooter Funding was a quick user friendly “go-to” to get my operation back up and running while the accounts receivables were slowly trickling in. I would very much recommend using SharpShooter Funding, and I will not hesitate to use them in the future for my next expansion.

Maryrose O.

Excellent, I love it.

I needed some extra capital for a house flip I am doing, SharpShooter Funding got me the funds I needed. The whole process took less than a week.

Clair A.


I like the fact that I did not have to talk with anyone. Simple quick and easy. Sign up, fill out the info and you have cash in hand to help with your small business.

Delores T.

Very Satisfied!!

After coming through some tough economic times, it was a quick , simple, dignified process.
The rates seem high, but it was explained to me that as I pay back the loan (on time) I will be able to build credibility as well as see a reduction of fees and rates.

Odis M.

Professional, to the point and down to business.

Thank you for cutting to the chase and giving me solid questions to answer. You helped us come to a solution in less than two business days.

Lessie G.



Doreen F.

A GREAT Service that is simple to use.

I was very impressed at the simple step by step process which granted me the loan I needed to get some working capital for my business.

I couldn’t be more pleased with my entire experience!

The lending fees seem to be a bit high but not unreasonable; on par or better than most credit cards. The repayment schedule is nicely setup and the option to prepay to avoid additional fees is a nice bonus.

I would highly recommend this service if you need a quick and easy business loan!

Taryn R.

Very pleasant experience

Quick response.

Freddy P.


Gave my company the ability to take on new business opportunities and leverage initial cost.

Garnet G.

Great assistance and extremely patient organization think of client.

If you have financial problems or need cash flow this is the place to go for a loan..

Zenaida S.

Easy to apply and funding was simple and quick with SharpShooter Funding!

The whole process was quick and easy. Paul Pitcher is a true professional within SharpShooter Funding!

Tiffiny M.

Superior Service

My wife and I are still in “aw” over how fast ,friendly, courteous, polite and professional the entire team was in handling are request for expansion. It was just what we needed to expand and grow our company and with in 72 hours we were approved without any red tap. Thank you and we look forward to a long relationship with SharpShooter Funding

Kristofer B.

very professional, easy and fast!

Very professional, easy and fast!

Lashon L.

I have never dealt with such honest, professional company!

I have never dealt with such honest, professional company! Paul is the very best out there and let me tell you I have dealt with a lot. I will never reach out to another company. Paul I thank you so very much for all you have done and continue to do. Do not hesitate to call them do it you will not be disappointed.


SharpShooter Funding – Heaven Sent

This is just what I needed to get my business to the next level. Thank you Paul Pitcher and SharpShooter Funding

Margy E.

Ease of application

Application process was easy and super fast!

Genevive B.

Easy to work with

We were growing fast and needed capital…SharpShooter Funding was there, easy to work with, and we were funded in less than 3 days! Thank you SharpShooter Funding!

Christy C.

In the nick of time

Got funds right in the nick of time, couldn’t be more thankful

Claud D.

Worked like a dream

Timely response and as requested

Alvaro S.


This was quick and painless. It really helped alleviate financial stress and I was able to achieve my business goal far sooner than would have been possible by any other means.

GREAT GREAT GREAT customer service, too!

Kira O.


The best lending experience I have had in years! Great Job!!

Lorriane B.


This service is great for situations of fast cash to keep your small business running

Conrad S.

Thank you!!

I would like to thank SharpShooter Funding for opening their doors to me. I was in alot of need and they came through for me. I did not get the amount I needed, but I did get help after all. It was so easy to apply and get accepted. Thank you SharpShooter Funding, thanks a lot!!!

Micki M.

Very efficient and simple

It was simple and quick. They break down what you are going to pay and highlight the important things like limits, dates, penalties, etc

Ramon P.

Simply easy

Everything went smoothly and uneventful. Took out my first advance, and it was transferred into my business account within 48 hours.

Beckie F.

The easiest access to necessary funds

I had spoken to other traditional lending and one not so contemporary called Ondeck. I had provided them with everything from tax returns to banking information all to be told I needed more. After being completely frustrated and overwhelmed because I still needed the cash I found SharpShooter Funding. Funny thing was I had never received any mailings or information from this company which had a simple online application, and access to funds within 3 days. I was approved for more than I needed and I was able to utilize the funds as deemed necessary. This was a great experience and I would recommend this product to any business in need of temporary funding under 100k.

Bernard C.

The best funder ever

Thank you Paul Pitcher for your trust in my company. I will do business for a long time with SharpShooter Funding.

Merlyn B.

Excellent customer service

I am usually very hesitate of advertisement tagged to online sites. But, I thought I would take a look at “SHARPSHOOTER FUNDING”. The process was extremely easy and quick. A short time after I had applied I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from a very helpful and knowledgable young lady. If you are looking to grow your business – you need to look at this funding opportunity. Yes it seems to be a little pricey up front but, I feel this will level out to be very helpful.

Dedra B.

Quick and simple

Made it easy to get working capital for my business

Adelaide S.


It was easy and fast

Angeles S.

Small Business Funding in under 10 minutes

All of these companies claim to get you funding in a few days or as little as 24 hours. Never is really that way. With SharpShooter Funding I was able to secure an ample funding approval within 10min. I drew from it the same day and it was in my account within 2 days. A very reasonable over all interest on the draw and a payment plan of 6 or 12 months. I would recommend SharpShooter Funding to anyone.

Cecilia H.

Great Experience

Quick and to the point

Sandee J.

SharpShooter Funding beats banks hands down!

My representative was a pleasure to deal with. She was knowledgeable and professional yet personable. She went over the entire process and welcomed any questions. When I left a message my calls were quickly returned. All documents were sent immediately as promised. The entire experience was excellent. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Oscar A.

Thank You Paul Pitcher & SharpShooter Funding

As a relatively new business, it is hard to get the funding you need when you haven’t built up your credit as a corporation. Sharpshooter Funding has been amazing for this! From the moment I talked to him, Paul Pitcher was able to walk me through the process and has been there all along the way to make sure I am doing well and everything is going ok. Thank you Paul and your amazing staff!! I really appreciate all that you have done!
Scott C.

Scott C
Five Minute Foods

Simple and efficient.

I own a small subcontracting business that does about $400K per year. Cash flow is always an issue since we need to purchase materials to do a job but have to wait 60 to 90 days for payment from the General Contractors.It is amplified if we are awarded a few contracts at once as material purchases need to be made well before the job is started. We applied to SharpShooter Funding and were given close to a $50K line of credit. We finally used it and it was very easy to do. I wouldn’t use it unless it is for cost of goods sold where a return on investment is multiplied. The fee charged is moderate but given the ability to take on additional work and not have to refuse a job is just a part of doing business. We can then repay within 30 to 60 days and that’s the only way to do it without costing you much more over the 6 or 12 month payment schedule.

Newton B.

Fantastic, easy experience

I have an ecommerce store and I was running into cashflow issues. SharpShooter Funding helped me expand.

Violeta B.

SharpShooter Funding delivered for me

My wife & I just moved our business into a new space. We needed a line of credit that we were unable to obtain through traditional sources. I was amazed how seamless the application and approval process was, completely online. It was really a matter of minutes & we had a small line set up. The next day they phoned me to make sure that I understood how the lending process works. I’m feeling a lot better now that we have a line available if we need it. I certainly can recommend SharpShooter Funding.

Roman K.

Fast process for Loan Aproval

This was the easiest loan I have every applied for, the process took only a few minutes online and the money was then deposited straight into our account within a few days.

Briana L.

Very Good Experience

Everyone I communicated with was very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous.

Sheila P.

Easy online application – very fast approval!

I have been trying to find funding for my growing, small business for about a year without success by applying to traditional lenders. In August I listened in on a webinar offered by the Forbes Magazine detailing alternative financing for small businesses and was intrigued to learn of this new market of lenders. The application process was very fast and completely online. I allowed SharpShooter Funding to link to my business checking account and received an approval in a few minutes. Thank you SharpShooter Funding and thank you Paul Pitcher for opening this door for me! I would recommend SharpShooter Funding to any Canadian small business owner looking for funding to boost their business to the next level!

Marlo H.

Very Simple & Professional

From the start to finish they made this very easy for us. We were looking to grow our business and they made it simple & efficient. We will maintain an alliance with this company for future business for sure. We would recommend SharpShooter Funding to every small business.

Thelma F.

Excellent Initial Experience

I submitted an application to SharpShooter Funding and it was approved within one hour. The process was straightforward. I had to give them access to my bank account and Quickbooks, but this seems to be the norm now as it leverages technology and speeds up decision making.

I had read several bad reviews on SharpShooter Funding, but my experience was very positive. Their website is easy to navigate, their emails and follow ups were professional and clear. Based on my 2 day experience with SharpShooter Funding, i rate them a 5 so far.. but it is still an early review… i will post another review in 60 days.

Sima M.

Fast and Reliable!

This is the most amazing and effective financial service I ever seen, Keep it up! and Thank you for making things easy for my business.

Mariann H.



Michelina L.

Great transaction!

I needed a financial “cushion” that would allow me to stock up on inventory for the holidays and SharpShooter Funding came through for me

Lanny D.

Excellent Service!

Fast approval easy process. Great service. So excited.

Arnette D.

smart, sane, simple

I had read about SharpShooter Funding for months and thought to myself, “whats the catch” nothing can be that easy! I was wrong and am happy to admit it!

There is nothing to this if you have your docs in hand and know a few simple things about your business, like your BID #.

In quite literally took 24 hours from start of entry to getting my loan nothing could be this smart and left me feeling quite sane about my business health etc. Thank you Sharpshooter Funding

Nikki M.

Smooth and efficient!

This was the smoothest financial transaction I ever did. The instructions were clear, and the process was surprisingly short. Paul Pitcher was my contact. He was very professional and informative. I would recommend any business person looking for a line of credit to utilize SharpShooter Funding.

Clarine B.

Awesome Service

This is an awesome company that provides a superb service for small businesses like mines. The service was fast and easy! Thank you for coming to the rescue of us (small businesses)!

Merideth M.


This was the best service I’ve ever experienced so far dealing with a lender, and I haven’t spoken to anyone once yet! The system they use is amazing!

Twanna D.

Incredible! Fast service and very easy!

Deal done in less than 24 hours. Awesome service and great people to work with!

Petronila R.

Fast and Easy!

It was incredibly simple and quick to get our first loan, and a rep from SharpShooter Funding made sure to follow up with me and discuss our business so that we ended up getting quite a bit more than the original amount noted online. Highly recommend!

Ciera R.

Super Easy!

It was nice to have a quick approval and fast access to cash. The process was so easy and customer service was fantastic!

Werner P.

Easy to use

Very Easy and Clean way to borrow capital.

Phung B.

Easy process will be using again

Easy no hassle, best experience so far.

Clinton B.

SharpShooter Funding is a great place to get a quick loan.

I was surprised that SharpShooter Funding did exactly what they said they would do. I had my money in my account within 30 hrs of talking to them.

Van B.

Sole Proprietorship Business Funded by SharpShooter Funding

I have added to my company a new staff and several vehicles with a lot of equipment. I did not do enough of my invoicing and billing last year so I was in a cash crunch for the Holiday in case for parts in a emergency. Everything we have is paid for and yet my bank would take a few weeks for an approval for a loan. So I went to for an offer of $19,000 by a private lender. But I need to get to my accountant to give last two years. I am a sole proprietorship. So even though I gross over $720,000 a year I show earnings of only $68,000. That is the only figure they will use. At 38 years of age am not going to call my mother for it. But in just 24 hours SharpShooter Funding had approved my business for $39,000 and wired to my account. I am very satisfied and would recommend to any business in Canada. Please note I have over 10 vehicles and $400,000 in assets. And over $120,000 in equity. It all means nothing to a bank. Only worth the $68,000 as I operate as a Sole Proprietorship.

Antione S.

Wonderful and ease of use!!!

This is probably the easiest line of credit to use and Pay back. Everything is in black and white and haven’t had to user customer service once yet. Would highly recommend.

Lara C.

Good experience

Great experience except I couldn’t use the mobile application and had to log on with my laptop.

Tanna D.

Good experience

They made this an easy process with the quick approval, and customer friendly online system. They are truly there to help your business grow, and I would recommend them to anyone!

Sharie T.

Good turn-around time

Our process took less than a week, start to finish with our ability to utilize our new line of credit. Very impressed.

Garret B.

Easy to use, upfront terms.

Very satisfied with the ease of the application process. I liked that all I had to do is attach our banking information and quickbooks information and that our credit line was based on those items and not our credit alone. I also liked how the terms were so upfront, and straightforward, and I know exactly how much I am paying back, when, and that if I pay off in advance I don’t have to pay all the interest. SO MUCH BETTER THAN A BANK BUSINESS LINE OF CREDIT. I will never go anywhere else. Thank you for your product, it really helps the small business.

Gary S.

Convenient & friendly, but need to extend c/s to dig a little deeper, sooner

As advertised, SharpShooter Funding is available, quick, convenient & friendly until something is not quite right and you need to go off script. In my case a bad acct# delayed things, but could have been caught the first time I called, instead of two days later when my deadline was at risk. Overall a good experience, always friendly and as promised. I would recommend the service to a friend.

Omega C.

More and better options than any other

I so much appreciate that this is not just a typical cash advance company. You get approved for an amount but are not forced to take that entire amount right away. You also can save on your interest/fees if you pay it back faster. I appreciate that so much for my business. Helps me grow and yet stay in control.

Jay N.

Easy and fast process

It’s a fast a easy process to get started. Definitely would recommend to a friend.

Darrick W.

The best

So far the best company I have worked with. 5 stars all the way. I recommended some friends in a day and they had same views. Totally deserve *****

Florene V.

This is a great program! It is better than cash advance. No daily payments.

It was a slow start getting the funding but now that I know this program grows with my business, this makes me want to do better and better. The more I make the more money they offer. Smart way to do funding. I can see all my payments online. This is well needed for the growth of my business.

Clarinda G.

Instant loans

Easy & Simple. Ask questions. Find out your monthly APR/Factor then add it if you paying it off in monthly installments. Just to be sure. In this way you dont gt hit with surprises.

Johanna A.

Clean and efficient

4 stars is big deal because they were very competent on the phone, I appreciated working with them.

Cassandra F.

Absolutely Awesome!

After being turned down by my traditional bank on several occasions SharpShooter Funding was able to approve me and allow me the opportunity to improve my business. This was by far the best business experience I’ve encountered. The application process was easy, I was approved in a matter of a couple hours, and the funds were in my account the next business day after my request. SharpShooter Funding is an Awesome business solution, and the only reason I didn’t give five stars was because currently SharpShooter Funding only have a six month repayment plan. A twelve month plan would be great!! Hopefully, that will happen in the near future.
Thanks SharpShooter Funding…

Agueda E.

Great Experience

The person who helped me was so friendly, patient and knowledgeable!!
Id recommend to others!
Thank you Paul Pitcher!!

Timika M.


Excellent, fast service

Rosanna S.

Small Business Go To

The best funding alternative for young Small Businesses.
Thank you very much

Hobert Z.

Great Product

Great product for small business. Glad they are around. Will pass the word around. Thanks SharpShooter Funding.

Sonya D.

Great job

SharpShooter Funding does a great job with great communication! They are customer service oriented and go out of their way to help with any questions. Keep up the good work!

Lucilla F.

Fast response and friendly service.

Great experience. When I truly needed the financing after I was declined by my own bank, Sharpshooter Funding was there for me when it counted!

No 8 page applications or folders of documents needed.

Loretta P.

Good overall

A little expensive. Not all debit cards accepted for immediate money transfer.

Isidro K.

Easy and a delightful experience

I am so happy with my SharpShooter Funding account. A simple process, much easier than a traditional bank.

I highly recommend SharpShooter Funding for any business.

Dorinda P.

Very Satisfied

My experience from the beginning has been excellent. I was handled by well trained professionals who were polite and courteous especially Paul Pitcher. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who needed them.

Jeffrey P.


So far so good and I am very pleased with the efficiency of SharpShooter Funding, I have an established business with a minimal need for additional funding for expansion. The idea of sitting down with a banker, drafting a business plan, being asked personally collateralize all funds and being told “NO” is just not appealing to me anymore. Banks do not understand small business – Sharp Shooter does. By reviewing our quickbooks and banking info -a truth can be shown without the normal hogwash, and this is best for both parties.

Buddy C.

Very Pleased

I am very please with the service.

Belen L.


Very simple process and easy to use!

Shakia C.

Personalized service

Good service, and the more important part is that it is personalized service, you are dealing with real people instead machines.

Zenobia S.

SharpShooter Funding came through

I recently received a business line of credit from SharpShooter Funding. The whole process was actually relatively easy. They do not base it on credit scores alone, but other business factors which I liked. SharpShooter Funding came through when traditional lending places have not!

Opal L.

If you have a business You need to have SharpShooter Funding!

I have been in Business for almost 3 years and was actually getting ready to go the route of traditional bank lending. The process of going about that is a nightmare. The time spend doing research, writing a comprehensive business plan, financial projections etc. is time away from the operation. That is a frustrating undertaking that requires a lot of time. From the moment I contacted SharpShooter Funding, until I got approved for a considerable amount of money was less than 24H. Thank you SharpShooter Funding for giving me to opportunity to grow my business further.

Delorse M.


SharpShooter Funding thank you for the working capital I need to grow my business!! Paul Pitcher was the best funder to work with out of all of my options.

Alleen D.

SharpShooter Funding is the BEST!

We found their process easy to work with and fast!..

We would recommend them to any business trying to grow.

Leonard S
Great Fitness

An incredibly easy experience

I just connected our business profiles and was easily able to get a loan that covered 6 months of operating deficit, allowing me to retain 100% control of my company and not go through the headache of looking for venture capital. This service is fantastic!

Fredia B

SharpShooter Funding my business in 2 days!

So far it’s been great. I applied online and was contacted by SharpShooter Funding immediately on a Saturday morning, quite impressive. I did not know what to expect, as my bank declined me and it took them 24 days to do so. But SharpShooter Funding, not only worked on my file over the weekend, but was able to fund my business in 2 days. What a relief! I did not even know companies like SharpShooter even existed until I heard about them on the radio. Thank you SharpShooter Funding. I will be sure to tell all of my clients about your funding process.

Quinn H.

SharpShooter Funding

Excellent product and even better service. Thank you.

Leigha M.