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Unsecured funding, providing less risk and better flexibility for small businesses

There is no warning when a sudden cash shortage may strike. And there is no telling the damage that such a thing might do to a business. 

At best, you’ll end frustrated and behind. At worst, you could lose serious ground on your competitors.

Unsecured funding provides the quick infusion of cash you need to get the edge on the competition, without delay and without risk.

What does unsecured funding involve?

Standard business funding requires security in the form of collateral or another offset. This, of course, means risk. If you cannot meet the terms of the funding agreement, you lose your collateral.

Unsecured funding is not like this. 

Instead, we will work closely with your business to ascertain what you need and to decide on the ideal package of funding to provide. This package will give you the scope and flexibility you need to achieve really great things.

Next, we will assess your future transactions and the receipts you can expect to draw from these. These projected incomings will be used to outline a flexible repayment schedule that suits your business.

So, if you need funding in a hurry, but you are wary of the potential risk of a traditional funding provider, the team here at SharpShooter are the ones to call. Hit the button below to start your application or contact us to learn more about what we offer to clients just like you.