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    Flex can be described as cash provided by our merchants in advance. It is a custom driven concept to meet the business financing needs of small business owners.

    Flex funding provides you an opportunity to utilize your future sales for upfront working capital today – using your debit or credit visa card money, we give a simple borrowing and repaying experience. This way, you can have more time to work on bigger and better opportunities.

    An investor offering Funding to a small business owner in exchange for a percentage in business’s future profit is known as merchant cash advance or business cash advance.

    With merchant advance cash, all you need is a decent amount of week after week and month to month merchant’s card transactions to make it work, unlike the traditional bank financing.

    In this case, you get the amount required to run the business in advance and the Funder keeps receiving the discussed percentage of the profit until the repayment is completed.

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    How does it work?

    Some days your business faces slow sales and it becomes hard to lay-off the funding. Same way, some days, your business flourishes and does incredible sales and generates higher profit – making it easy for you to make the payments for borrowed money because higher profit results in more profit sharing with the Funder

    Direct deposits

    We request an approval and after receiving the approval, we transfer the required amount straight into your account within 2 working days.

    Direct connection with your merchant

    SharpShooter Funding® is directly partnered with all the major card payment processors in the whole Canada. So, the collection of payments becomes easy – we receive all the payments on your behalf and transfer them to your account without any hustle for you.


    Repayment is made through a percentage of the profit you make. These percentages can be altered according to the needs and feasibility of the business owner.

    Easy tracking

    Our company provides you with an easily accessible personalized financing portal that you can access anywhere anytime to track every transaction and business financing.

    Fixed Cost

    Your financing comes at a fixed cost regardless of the time you take to repay.


    What actually is great about choosing flex funding is that you provide yourself with financial flexibility. This is because, with flex funding, you use a merchant’s cash advance to help your business grow, which frees you from all the other worries that come with other financing option such as, size of your bank account, your earning or other different criteria’s required to request for a funding. Flex funding provides you with an opportunity to build your business stronger and flourish faster with flexibility of repayments according to your capacity.

    Another benefit merchant cash advance gives you is that it deals with your regular business activities, so you get rewarded for creating a business with consistent regular credit or debit card sales.

    Repayment flexibility

    Repayments are directly related to your business’s sales cycle. So, if any month, your business does do that great, you don’t have to pay a fixed hefty amount.

    Fast processing

    Our company understands the hardships of getting funds and how it can become a complete struggle to apply anywhere for it. This is not the case with us! We have made the process simple and quick. All you need to do is apply > qualify > start receiving your business funding in less than 2 days!

    Reasons why Flex funding is important for small businesses:

    Here are a few reasons about why flex funding can be an important step for small business owners:

    Cash Flow

    Extra cash flow to cover daily expenses

    More Equipment

    Money can be utilized to upgrade or expand business equipment or inventory


    Renovation or expansion of your store

    More Manpower

    Hiring or training of new manpower


    Can be utilized for new or more marketing campaigns

    Debt Reconciliation

    You can use it to lay-off your debts

    Business Expansion

    You can use it to introduce a new product or service


    Adding or upgrading vehicles used in the company

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    Why SharpShooter Funding®?

    Why SharpShooter Funding®, you may ask? Because we have the experience and name to take care of all your funding needs. SharpShooter Funding® has been actively doing business funding business in Canada five years now. We started our business in 2015 and ever since then we have successfully provided 9,600 businesses in 300 industries, immediate business funding to help them grow and generate more profit.

    Our unique approach towards financial funding with the help of professional teams, advanced technology and experience in the industry allow us to offer solutions for your funding needs that no other financial institution can!

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    For first time business owners, starting their business and looking for the best funding option can be confusing.

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    SharpShooter Funding® is one of the pioneers of modern online small business funding and is amongst the company that actually came up with the idea initially. We provide the service for a range of businesses that include:


    We charge a fixed fee that is added to the expense of approval amount. Payments can be made from Monday to Friday (during banking holidays, the payments are collected the following business day)

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    Your business can qualify for as much as $300,000 in small business funding!

    Small Business Flex Funding

    Flexible, feasible, efficient, with the potential to grow your business to the new heights!

    From Renovation, Staffing, and Expansion to Inventory, Marketing, and Tech upgrade – We have funds for all your business needs!

    Our Flex solution has been proven to be better than other conventional business funding since it turns your future money into working capital for today so, you can use it to grow and expand your business right away!

    The Flex Funding approach is a lot simpler and different than our conventional business funding because it provides you with flexibility and requires no lengthy procedures or workings and makes repayments easy as per your business cycle.

    The Flex Solution is the ideal approach for business that do transactions in credit or debit, are seasonal or work temporarily and require extra money to get an advantage of inventory. You can use these funds for anything you want to do with your business, unlike conventional business funding that limit you with conditions and contracts.

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    What is Flex Funding?

    The reason that the Canada small businesses choose Flex Funding over traditional bank financing is that Flex funding is a lot more feasible and flexible solution to cater their financing needs. They get there required funds in advance in contrast to waiting for banks to approve their applications and then bank’s lengthy, never-ending procedures. With Flex Funding, you get your funding instantly. Businesses get payment against their future credit or debit sales, then opt for our Flex solutions to grow and expand their business.

    It doesn’t matter what you need funding for; it can be for renovating, hiring more people or starting a new service or product, it is always beneficial to receive funding instantly for investing in your business.

    How does Flex Funding work?

    By converting your future sales and cash flows into money that can be used today, the Flex Solutions approach has left tradition traditional bank financing way behind. It is best for small business owners that need cash quickly to fill inventory or for expending the store or for buying new equipment for business. You can get the money and invest it in the business, with the new investment your business starts flourishing? You can now pay a customizable percentage of the profit you make on the sale.

    Is Flex Funding right for your business?

    You can get the required capital even during the off season with Flex Solutions. Repayments vary on the sales you make daily. You made low sales? You pay less. You made more sales? You pay more. Never have ever funding been this simple or flexible with any other financing solution.

    There are only three simple steps required for your business to be eligible foor Flex Funding:

    1. A business based in the Canada
    2. Minimum average monthly deposit of $4,166 or more
    3. Doing business for 100 or more days.

    Bonus If you accept Debit & Credit Cards, please submit your last 3 months of Merchant Credit Card Processing Statements for immediate funding approval!

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    Fill our applications right now and THAT’S IT! Our team will contact you and provide you with several customized options according to your needs, based on the provided information. You then choose what suits you best. Once you decide, we are ready to proceed.

    Our team then will explain to you the working of everything we offer, answer every question you may have, and tell you what you can expect from the company as a funding partner. We believe in complete transparency and our company makes sure that there is nothing left undiscussed or hidden. 24/7 accessibility to your account and best customer care experience ever!

    We will let you know when you become eligible for additional funding options, then it’s up to you, if you choose them. We will never do anything without your consent and that is a guarantee.

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    Flex Funds by SharpShooter Funding®

    Boost cash flow with Flex Funds Advance by SharpShooter Funding®

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    Use your future sales to access capital that you can use for your business right now

    SharpShooter Funding® offers Flex Funds from $4,000 – $300,000 Get your business funding as soon as today!

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    Our Flex Funds advances are designed for small businesses

    SharpShooter Advantage

    Extreme Flexibility

    The most flexible way of repayment. Repay on the % of the profit you make daily.

    Competitive Pricing

    Most reasonable prices compared to other Funders, no specific collateral, and no maintenance fee

    Variety of choices

    A variety of advance amounts, even as compared to other Funders.

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    Flex Funds is the modern day solution for modern needs. It is not a funding.

    It is your future debit or credit card sale that benefits you today!

    Its best to explore all financing options, contact SharpShooter Funding® to find out what funding your business qualifies for.

    Our Canadian Funding Programs Include:

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