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What is short term business funding and how does it work?

Here at SharpShooter, we believe in giving Canadian small to medium sized businesses the support they really need, for now, for tomorrow, and way into the future. This means being flexible to their needs, and recognising what they require if they are to hit the successes they are aiming for.

In many instances, these needs do not involve long term investment. Instead, they relate to short term cash flow issues. For this, a short-term business funding solution from SharpShooter is ideal. 

These short-term solution free up cash to manufacture more products, to purchase materials, to push retail or B2B services — basically, whatever the business needs.

All of this is underpinned by a flexible payment plan that protects businesses from getting into difficulty further down the line. Pay back more the amount when times are good, and scale payments back when times get rough. It’s your call — we work with you to understand your needs, your situation, and the solution that best suits you.

Short term funding solutions to unlock the potential of your company

You can’t perform at your best if your cash flow is limited. What’s more, you run the risk of missing out on key opportunities that can really help you move to the next level.

Don’t fall victim to this. Short term funding for Canadian small to medium sized businesses give you the working cash flow you need to do what you need to do. Short term cash injection — long term benefits.

How to use your Short Term Funding Solution from SharpShooter

All businesses are different, and how you decide to utilize your funding solution is completely up to you. However, to help you get to grips with what these solutions can really offer, we’ve prepared a few hypothetical examples for you.

  1. Bridge the gap between seasonal highs and lows, so you can manage your expenses no matter what you encounter
  2. Quick cash flow to take care of an emergency or other expected outlay
  3. Ease the wait for escrow payments or insurance clearance
  4. Acting on discounted rates to get the materials and inventory you need

Connecting with Short Term Funding Solutions when you have bad credit

Bad credit may be a barrier to organizations searching for traditional funding, but not at SharpShooter. We don’t assess our funding solutions based on traditional credit terms. Instead, we work with you, understand your business, and use your projected transaction earnings to decide on your tolerance and appetite levels. It really is that simple and straightforward.

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.